CYvrSPACE Virtual Arena

Located in the Wild West region of the resort on level two, near Timberland Playhouse, Wilderness guests are able to step into the amazing world of virtual reality to battle hordes of sinister robots in an epic VR adventure where you don’t just play the game – you are in it!

Suit up with the most advanced wireless VR equipment in the world, engineered to allow you to feel like you are inside the game. A lightweight, haptic backpack, equipped with high powered rumble engines, will send every laser blast and explosion pulsing through your body like you are actually in the cyber world. You will dodge laser beams, take down robots and save the world!


The new CYvrSPACE Virtual Arena is a single player experience with 50 levels of game progression, new enemies, bosses, and challenges that keep participants innovating right to the very end. There are also numerous weapon upgrades and power-ups throughout the game that keep things constantly evolving and fresh. The game requires participants to log in so if a person returns to play again they can continue where they left off.

  • One Mission - $15  One Replay - $12 (plus tax).
  • The experience takes about 25 minutes with 12 minutes of game time.
  • Recommended for ages 8 and up.
  • Reservations are recommended, call 608-253-9729 ext 40812.

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