Early Check-In
& Extended Checkout

Want to get into your room and start your vacation sooner and/or maybe you want to have some more fun before you pack up? Whatever the reason, we get it! With Early Check-In, we guarantee that your room will be ready by 2pm and/or with Extended Checkout you can stay in your room until 1pm.

•  $50/each for Wilderness Hotel and Glacier Canyon Lodge units.*
•  $100/each for Wilderness on the Lake units, Vacation Villas, Frontier Condos, Golf Cabins and Retreats.*

Already have a reservation? Check the availability of Early Check-In and/or Extended Checkout by clicking the “My Reservation” button below to search your reservation, then click on Enhance My Stay.

My Reservation

  • Early Check-In and Extended Checkout are each sold seperatly.
  • Only a limited number of Early Check-Ins and Extended Checkouts are sold for each arrival and departure date on a first-come first-serve basis.
  • TIP: Early Check-Ins and Extended Checkouts tend to sellout fast. If available, we highly recommend adding now and not waiting.
Additional Early Check-In Details:
  • With Early Check-In, you may register as early at noon and begin using the waterparks and amenities and by 2pm we’ll have your room ready! (Normal check-in time without Early Check-In is 4pm).
  • Early Check-In requires 48 hour advance notice.
  • Due to the uniqueness and inflexibility of some unit styles, some units may not qualify for Early Check-In.
Additional Extended Checkout Details:
  • You still have access to waterparks and amenities all day on your date of departure, however please note you may no longer room charge after 11am even with Extended Checkout.
  • If items are still in the room after your late checkout has expired, items may be removed and up to one night’s charge will be applied to your bill. Use of amenities, including waterparks, is still permitted through the end of the day.