NEW! Extended Checkout

Wanna have some more fun before you pack up? Do you need to sleep in because you were up too late in the arcade? Need a nap after Camp Social’s amazing breakfast buffet? Whatever the reason, we get it.  Sometimes you just need your room a couple more hours. That is why we are excited to offer Extended Checkout.

Cost starts at $25/per hour for all Wilderness Hotel, Glacier Canyon Lodge, and Wilderness on the Lake units and $50/per hour for Vacation Villas, Frontier Condos, Golf Cabins and Retreats. Up to two hours maximum or until 1 pm. Space is limited

Please contact Guest Services (Dial “0” from your room) to inquire on availability.

  • Only a limited number of Extended Checkouts are available daily on a first-come first-serve basis.
  • Guests may not room charge after 11 am on the day of checkout even with The Extended Checkout.
  • If items are still in the room after your late checkout has expired, items may be removed and up to one night’s charge will be applied to your bill. Use of amenities, including waterparks, is still permitted through the end of the day.