Take Flight Theater

Take Flight is the first fly ride of its kind in Wisconsin Dells and is dedicated to giving you the best cinematic motion adventures! Strap in as your feet dangle and your seat rolls, dips, and glides in front of our GIGANTIC 65′ wide x 48′ tall screen!



This groundbreaking immersive flying film launches audiences on a picturesque and thrilling journey around the world. Using today’s highest resolution cameras on a variety of drones and helicopters to capture stunning aerial photography with beauty, grace, and heart-dropping thrills. Each scene has been crafted to take maximum advantage of the dynamic 4D seats and special effects in flying theater ride systems.

World Flight will transport you across all seven continents bringing you up close to some of the most amazing, and unforgettable destinations on Earth. Soar past the massive London Eye Ferris wheel to see Big Ben. Glide over the ancient monuments in Athens, Rome, and Egypt. Ski down the snowy slopes of Switzerland and float over thousands of penguins in Antarctica. Peer into the caldera of an erupting volcano, for a spectacular visual feast.

Immerse yourself in legendary sites that you’ve only dreamed of. Grab your boarding pass; you’ll never forget World Flight!


The Polar Express™ 

Based on the inspiring and beloved movie classic. This unique cinematic experience, starring Tom Hanks, features classic scenes from the movie and will leave you on the edge of your seat. Hang on as a doubting young boy takes an extraordinary train ride that will have you twisting and turning down the track to visit Santa at the North Pole. This is one attraction you won’t want to miss!


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