Are there Lockers?

Yes.  Tiburon Lockers™ are located in Klondike Kavern, Wild West, Wild WaterDome and Cubby’s Cove indoor waterparks and Lake Wilderness & Lost World outdoor waterparks on the park decks.

These lockers are electronic and can be paid for with exact cash or credit card at each locker bank kiosk.
Your resort-issued wristband will serve as your security credentials so there’s no key to keep track of or PIN to remember!
Up to 4 wristbands can be added to each locker rental to allow multiple group members access to a single locker.
As an added value, you can also “float” your locker rental, which means, you can move your rental from waterpark to waterpark for no additional charge!
All rentals terminate at the conclusion of each operational day.