Self Check-In | FAQ

We’re excited and pleased to offer Self Check-In to our guests. If you are not familiar with Self Check-In, or how it works, below are a few frequently asked questions about this service.


Q: What Is Self Check-In?

Self Check-In allows you to complete your registration digitally, days ahead of your arrival, using on your phone, tablet, or desktop computer.
Ultimately this reduces your time spent at the desk checking in so you and your family can be on you way and in to the waterparks much quicker!

Q: What Steps Do I Complete During Self Check-In?

    1.  Review and sign your registration form(s) digitally
              •   If renting a villa, condo or cabin unit, you will be first asked to review and sign your rental agreement digitally, followed by your registration card.
    2.  Indicate your estimated time of arrival
    3.  Submit wristband sizes for all occupants (preview the ‘size guide’ below)

    •  SMALL | bands typically fit children 3-11 years old.
    •  MEDIUM | bands typically fit kids ages 12 and up, including most teenagers and some women.
    •  LARGE | bands will fit most adults and some teenagers.
Wristbands are RFID coded and work both as your swim pass to the waterparks and a key to your room. During Self Check-In you just need to indicate how many of each size you’ll need. This same size guide here is also there during the Self Check-In process for reference.

    4.  Enter your vehicle count (so we know how many parking passes to prepare)
    5.  Add Authorized Guests (An ‘authorized guest’ is defined as any adult in the party ,other than the registered guest, who is allowed to obtain wristbands for the purpose of gaining access to the waterparks and amenities in advance of the registered guest arrival. Valid ID will be asked upon arrival of any authorized guests)
    6.  Take care of any balance due

Q: When Should I Do Self Check-In?

As soon as you receive your Self Check-In email you may begin. There is no need to wait.
NOTE: Steps of our Self Check-In must be completed before 11:00AM CST on your arrival date to ensure our team has adequate time to prepare your check-in packet.

Q: Where Do I Go When I Arrive?

When you arrive at your check-in destination, your check-in packet (which includes your wristbands and parking passes) will be waiting for you at the front desk. In most cases, all that will be required is presenting your ID and the credit card(s) used as payment.

              •   If you’ve rented a villa, condo, or cabin –  a couple additional steps may be necessary or required, such as collecting a security deposit (if applicable).

If you have any additional questions please feel free to contact us 1.800.867.9453 or email us at [email protected]