DOA Unlocked Is Perfect for Groups Meeting at Glacier Canyon Conference Center

Are you looking for the ultimate team building activity for your next meeting? Then you should consider booking a “DOA Unlocked” experience. It’s a series of great problem solving activities DOA Room Escapes has created especially for groups meeting at Glacier Canyon Conference Center.

Here’s How it Works

Groups comprised of up to 10 people have 60 minutes to stop their ship from sinking.  Each group is assigned a table complete with its own Muster Station that contains everything they need to escape, including the final key to save the ship.

The team then works together to solve a variety of puzzles and riddles to unlock their next chest. One of the challenges even results in the individual team members meeting their fate. If you’re a survivor, you can carry on with the team’s challenge. However, if you are not, you have to either wait out your time, or perform an activity to bring yourself back to life before continuing to participate in the challenge.

According to Shannon Timmerman, CMP, director of group sales for Glacier Canyon Lodge, “DOA Unlocked is the ultimate team building experience for up to 180 people where teams learn to work on delegating and communicating with each other so they can successfully complete their tasks. The groups that we have hosted DOA Unlocked events for highly recommend it and say it was definitely worth including in their event’s agenda.”

For more information about booking your meeting space at Glacier Canyon Conference Center and a DOA Unlocked event contact group sales at 608.253.9729 ext. 50209 or email [email protected].