New High Tide Hurricane Souvenir Cup Being Unveiled

They say all good things must come to an end…that’s why after many years, we have decided to retire our Great Wave Souvenir cups on March 1. They have served our guest well and we are permitting them to be refilled with discounted drinks until March 1 so be sure to take advantage this offer before then!

After March 1, we will only be offering refills on our new snazzy, High Tide Hurricane souvenir cups. These cups cost the same price, ($26.99) as the Great Wave cup to purchase, have the same amount of ounces (42oz.) and cost the same ($16.99) to refill.

The Hurricane also has a lid to help keep your drink secure so you don’t have to worry about accidental spills.

The new Hurricane cups are already available at our various Food & Beverage outlets. Tasty and refreshing beverages that you can put in your cup include a regular or strawberry Margarita blended or on the rocks; a regular or strawberry Daiquiri blended or on the rocks; a Miami Vice made with rum, Pina Colada puree and strawberry puree; a Strawberry Slide made with strawberry vodka, strawberry liqueur and lemonade; and a Thirsty Buffalo made with coconut rum, mango vodka, orange juice, cranberry Juice & lemon-lime soda. But really the sky is the limit. Just ask a bartender for details.