By guest blogger, Erin, a 39 year-old mom

For the first time in my life, I think I’m the envy of my 9 and 12 year-old boys. Why? Because I got to check out the new Ok Corral Laser Tag Arena and Marshall Training Maze before they did! LOL!  Here’s what I thought of it.

As I walked into the new area surrounded by other laser tag enthusiasts of all ages, I was full of anticipation, just waiting to see just how the new arena would compare to the old. First, all of us were taken into a dimly lit vesting room. In there, we watched a cleverly produced instructional video featuring a memorable character named “Marshall Phil” who taught us about the basics of laser tag.

Following that, I snapped on my vest, adjusted my laser gun and I was ready to roll. Before I knew it, the guide set us free and I was headed into the new arena.  I was instantly drawn to a ramp that appeared to lead to the upper level of the arena so I took it. Once upstairs, I could peer down into a large open area below which contained an old stage coach. Soon, other participants were rushing past the covered wagon and trying to make their way into various safe spaces. I spotted someone dodging off to the right and I shot at them. Hit! Then I ducked for cover, and shot again when I saw another person coming in my direction. Another hit!

As fun blue grass music swelled in the arena, my match continued in the Wild West. I found my heart was racing with adrenaline as I took aim at unsuspecting guests. Sometimes I had a successful hit and other times I didn’t. As I escaped being shot by another guest, I laughed and hustled into an alcove. Eventually, after exploring the upper level for a while I decided to make my way down to the main level to enjoy the final minutes of my match. Once there, I snuck behind a corner and took aim on another mom who wasn’t paying attention to me because she was trying desperately to get her son. Hit!

Before I knew it, my laser was saying, “Laser runner game over”. After we turned in our vests, we were handed our scores. I had a 28 percent accuracy rate, which the guide told me is pretty average – I guess I need to come with my boys to work a little more on my sharp shooting skills. 🙂

Next, I went to check out the Marshall Training Laser Maze and let me tell you, it was a riot! It’s this room filled with laser beams of light in all different heights and directions. You literally have to climb under or over the beams to make your way to targets marked on the wall. It was crazy fun. I felt like a kid again playing limbo as I crouched low to the ground to escape touching the laser. The only thing I was missing was my roller skates!

In all, I have to say I think the new Ok Corral Lazer Tag Arena and Marshall Training Lazer Maze are great fun for the entire family. I loved how they were themed from start to finish, and I know my boys will really enjoy the experience next time they visit the Wilderness with me.