Space Flight only at Take Flight at the Wilderness

Take Flight Unveils New Space Flight Film

On March 8 Take Flight unveiled a new out of this world adventure film called Space Flight that you won’t want to miss!

The movie takes riders on an incredible journey through time from the start of the universe with the big bang almost 14 billion years ago; to the creation of stars, planets, and galaxies; to life on Earth from the earliest lifeforms to the dinosaurs, wooly mammoths, and eventually, humans.  Ultimately, you’ll see what we’ve been able to achieve during our cosmically brief 2 million years of existence.

“This visually stunning film is super entertaining and educational as well,” said Trevor our attractions director. “When it comes down to it, a human’s time on earth is only a mere speck through space and time. You realize this by watching this incredible film, so we should all enjoy the time we have here on Earth since it is very short.”

The film was produced by MacGillivay Freeman Films. The cost is $17.99 for the general public and $12.99 for our hotel guests.  This film will also be available to upgrade to a double feature where you can watch it along with our other feature film, World Flight, for $25.98 for the general public and $20.98 for our hotel guests.