YeeHaw’s Swim-Up Bar Being Added To Wild West Waterpark

We’re super excited to announce a surprise addition to the Wild West Waterpark!

Due to the huge popularity of Margarita’s Swim-up Bar, we’re adding an adults-only swim-up bar called YeeHaw’s Watering Hole to the Wild West Waterpark.

YeeHaw’s pool will cover 1,300 square feet and will accommodate up to 87 guests over the age of 21, with additional two-tiered, dry seating around the bar. Yee-Haws will feature an old Wild West theme throughout and is to be located near the park’s current cabanas. Four additional new cabanas will also be built as part of this renovation project!

YeeHaw’s will serve both beer and cocktails as well as soft drinks and will be operational whenever the Wild West is open. YeeHaw’s Watering Hole is scheduled to open November 18, 2022. (Update: YeeHaw’s did open as stated on November 18.)

Construction update as of September 20, 2022:







Construction update as of October 18, 2022:

Construction as of November 17, 2022: