Do you offer Express Check-In?

Yes. If you made your reservation at least 72 hours in advance of your arrival, you will receive an email within 48 hours of your check-in date indicating ‘It’s Time to Check-In‘.

Once you receive this email you may begin to register for your upcoming stay.

What steps are involved in Express Check-In?

    1.  Review and sign your registration card digitally.
              •   If renting a villa, condo or cabin unit, you will be first asked to review and sign your rental agreement digitally, followed by your registration card.
    2.  Indicate your estimated time of arrival
    3.  Submit wristband sizes for all occupants
    4.  Enter your vehicle count (so we know how many parking passes to prepare)
    5.  Add Authorized Guests (An ‘authorized guest’ is defined as any adult in the party, other than the registered guest, who is allowed to obtain wristbands for the purpose of gaining access to the waterparks and amenities in advance of the registered guest arrival. Valid ID will be asked upon arrival of any authorized guests)
    6. Take care of any balance due and/or add a credit card to your reservation for incidentals.

Please tap the link below to learn more about this free, convenient, and time saving service.

  Express Check-In FAQ