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New in 2016, all registered guests that stay with us this summer will receive FREE passes to the Tommy Bartlett Show!
We are very excited about our NEW waterslide experience and a NEW attraction to the Wilderness Resort in Wisconsin Dells.  Claim Jumper Challenge, powered by Slideboarding is a mix of waterslides and video games all in one.  Room Escapes by D.O.A. is a real-life, interactive, mind-intensive and highly strategic team-building exercise.  Both are NOW OPEN!
FREE Tommy Bartlett Tickets!

Included with your stay!

There’s only one Tommy Bartlett Show, and fortunately for our loyal customers,  ALL registered Wilderness Guests receive FREE admission with their stay! Shows are every night at 4:30 and 8:00 pm, rain or shine, from Memorial Day weekend until Labor Day.

Enjoy an evening of live entertainment with our compliments ($22 value for each guest)!

Click here for show brochure.




  • FREE for registered Wilderness guests
  • Daily shows at 4:30 & 8:00 pm
  • $22 value for each guest.
Claim Jumper Challenge Powered by Slideboarding

New in 2016, Slideboarding, the interactive gaming waterslide. 

Our new Slideboard rides are OPEN!  We have converted two of our tube slides in the Klondike Kavern Indoor Waterpark into state-of-the-art, interactive Slideboarding systems. The Claim Jumper Challenge offers a real-life gaming experience…Within a waterslide! 

The Slideboards resemble short surfboards with handles. On each of the handles, there are two colored buttons that serve as the game’s controllers. As riders shoot down the waterslide sitting on their Slideboard, they encounter a series of flashing red, yellow, green and blue lights. The goal is to press the colored button on your slideboard that corresponds with the colored light that is lit at the exact time your board passes under it. If it is done at the correct time, the rider will get the maximum amount of points and the handles of their board will vibrate to alert the rider of their bullseye accuracy. A leaderboard in the waterpark lets guests see how they did and where they rank against other riders. As riders get better at Slideboarding, new and challenging levels will be unlocked.

Watch a short video on Slideboarding Here.

Download the free app for your device here.



Riders must be at least 42″ tall to ride and weigh under 300 lbs.

Waterpark Hours

  • Now Open!
  • Only one of its kind in the Midwest
  • Leaderboard in the waterpark
  • Integrated Mobile App
Room Escapes by D.O.A.

Room Escapes by D.O.A. is a hit!

After seeing some really amazing, interactive, real-life room escape games featured on The TODAY Show, The Conan O’Brien Show, The Big Bang Theory and The Bachelorette, we’ve added this hugely popular phenomena to our Wilderness on the Lake property!

The two Room Escapes by D.O.A., The Hotel and The Basement, build upon a series of real-life incidents that occurred during the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair. The Hotel features a recreation of its lobby and will be integrated with clues and puzzles to help the visitors find their way out! The Basement is designed to inspire a mindset of urgency and confusion as participants navigate the layered twists of the room while spontaneous audio, visual, and animated objects will invade their senses.

Buy your tickets here.

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